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Signature European technique, also known as Russian Manicure. One of the best techniques in the nail industry. It provides long lasting results without any damage to your natural nails. It also provides extra protection for weak or soft nails.

Signature (Russian) Manicure

(Polish not included)


Signature (Russian) Manicure with gel polish


Gel Overlay on Natural Nails

(color included)



Signature European technique, also known as Smart or Russian Pedicure. The best pedicure technique in the nail industry. Highly recommended by Chiropodists and Podiatrists. It provides long lasting results and lowers the risks of cross-contamination. This pedicure process has cleaning and beautifying characteristics, however, it is not a medical procedure. If you struggle with any health issues, please contact the doctor.

Signature (Dry) Pedicure

(Polish not Included)


Signature (Dry) Pedicure

(With Gel Polish)


Nail Extensions


(Manicure Included)

Starting $120

Adding nail length with Gel or Poly Gel

Gel-X Full Set

(Manicure Included)

Starting $100

Non-refillable material


Keep your natural nails growing a healthy undercoat. Don’t forget to do your refill on time!
3 – 4 Weeks from last appointment is considered as a refill.

Gel or Poly-Gel Refill

Starting $60

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